2017 – The Year so Far

This has been the busiest seven months of my life! Let’s look at what I’ve done so far:

  • Taught the Fresno State Winter Drumline in their inaugural season.
  • Built my first full VR application which was used to announce new building acquisitions for Bitwise Industries (Video embedded below, and a longer, revamped director’s cut is in editing)
  • Completed 2 Ohio MSEE courses: Communication Engineering and Design of Digital Circuits (Received A’s in both!)
  • Started a new and incredibly tough MSEE course: Vehicle Control (This is the last one, thank the maker!)
  • Competed in the NASA Space Robotics Challenge (Unfortunately we didn’t move passed the first round. We were so close!)
  • Managed a team of developers in building 3 websites in 4 months (one of which had 1200 pages of content)
  • Learned, and then taught a course on MIT App Inventor to a group of High Schoolers.
  • Entered the 59 Days of Code competition (Currently attempting to build an autonomous rover and accompanying software platform in 59 days!)
  • Found time to consult in between everything else going on.


It’s been 80-100+ hour weeks all the way through. If I disappear in September, I promise I’m OK; I just needed some time off! But honestly, I’ve accomplished awesome things, I continue to work on really cool projects, and I can’t say that I’ve been bored at all. In August, once my MSEE program and 59 Days of Code wrap up, I’ll be back to work on BB-8, my 3D printer, the motion simulator, and the Wrench outfit.



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