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Evolution of an Arc Reactor – A Photo Diary

From cardboard to fully detailed prop, here is a photo collection chronicling the development of an Arc Reactor.

2015-04-17 13.29.422015-04-30 00.21.43 2015-04-30 00.23.16 2015-04-30 01.08.37 2015-05-01 00.32.47 2015-10-15 07.49.13 2015-10-17 15.08.03 2015-10-26 03.05.40 2015-10-26 03.06.36 2015-10-27 17.53.12 2015-10-27 20.55.43 2015-10-27 20.57.28 2015-10-31 11.44.16

Short Demo Video:


Bonus Halloween Pic:

Tony Stark

Iron Man Arc Reactor

Since I’ve already got a Bluetooth-controlled lighting system for an arc reactor (more on that later!) I wanted to 3D print a nice arc reactor frame to house those electronics and finish the effect!

I’ve been printing 3D parts modeled by Skimbal here:

I’m still very much a novice at 3D printing, but I am happy with how the parts are turning out. Once I sand and paint the pieces and assemble everything, it will look great!

Arc Reactor Parts Arc Reactor Coming Together Arc Reactor Lighting Test


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